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Cold chain logistics combines a constantly secure cold chain with highly efficient processes. For this reason, our cold rooms and services are each individually tailored to the respective operational processes.


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Logistics: Seamless refrigeration and efficient processes

In foodstuffs logistics, the most important connecting link between producers and end consumers are certainly spacious refrigeration facilities that guarantee the integrity of the cold chain.

KRAMER is the partner of choice for bespoke cold room solutions for wholesale markets, food chains and the food and beverage industry.

Our high-tech doors and gates are especially important here: The excellently insulated doors open automatically, quickly and precisely for the exact time window required by goods vehicles and fork-lift trucks.

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Bespoke solutions

The best refrigeration solutions can be integrated seamlessly into your logistics processes. We therefore work closely with you to develop bespoke solutions that fit effortlessly into your operational processes.

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Meeting the highest requirements

Food legislation rightfully places stringent demands on hygiene and end-to-end cold chains. With a bespoke solution, we frequently go above and beyond these requirements.

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Energy efficient

Perfectly coordinated components and superior insulation guarantee maximum energy efficiency. This helps to reduce your operating costs and ensure sustainable processes.

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Everything from a single source

We offer comprehensive project services, from needs analysis and solution development to design, installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance.

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Efficient cold rooms

Manufactured either conventionally or with insulation panels, our cold rooms for the logistics sector boast exceptional quality, ease of cleaning and suitability for storing various foodstuffs.

Our outstanding insulation techniques guarantee maximum energy efficiency. The cold room doors are available in a diverse range of dimensions and designs to ensure optimal energy efficiency and processes.

If required, we can install the necessary cold room and safety equipment and deliver a cold room that is ready for immediate use.

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Cold room doors

Cold room doors serve as the primary access point to cold rooms. These doors should be well insulated, enable easy operation and, if required, be lockable.

Our cold room doors are available in a diverse range of designs, sizes, finishes and closures.

Incorporating additional features such as viewing windows and door contact switches can enhance security measures and minimise energy-wasting openings.

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Maintenance and servicing

Regular maintenance helps maintain the functionality and energy efficiency of your cold rooms.

Regular servicing not only allows for early detection of any potential damage that may arise over time but also enables our service technicians to promptly address them in a cost-effective manner. This obviously helps to eliminate cost-intensive downtime.

Thanks to our Germany-wide service network, we are always there for you – no matter where you might be. We therefore ensure reliable servicing for all your cold rooms and are able to provide swift assistance in the event of damage.

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More than 95 years of experience for perfect refrigeration

Efficient refrigeration solutions from KRAMER.

For more than 95 years, we have been securing valuable resources with our refrigeration solutions. Our wide range of systems is utilised wherever goods need to be refrigerated reliably and hygienically.

KRAMER solutions for trade and industry meet the highest standards of energy efficiency, food safety, efficient work processes, ergonomics and environmental protection. Our expertise is available to companies of all sizes across Europe. Our specialists have already delivered solutions of all shapes and sizes, from small curing chambers to vast deep-freeze warehouses.

Many of our customers take full advantage of our expertise and entrust us with the execution of their turnkey projects. They are brought to life with the help of our in-house planning department and workshops for electrical and refrigeration services. Through our network of specialised production companies and service partners, we can develop and manufacture even the most complex solutions to meet all your specific needs.

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