Glazed cold rooms for
presenting and selling goods


Our remarkable glazed cold rooms ensure that your products are prominently displayed to customers, easily accessible and reliably kept at the ideal temperature.


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Unique design and functionality

Bespoke size and design

Energy efficiency thanks to insulating glazing


Glazed cold rooms for the trade sector

Glazed cold rooms:
Appealing and energy-efficient presentation of goods

Conventional refrigerated shelving with its open design tends to have a relatively high level of power consumption. Glazed cold rooms, on the other hand, ensure energy-efficient storage while maintaining a visually appealing and easily accessible presentation of your goods.

Besides energy savings, glazed cold rooms also often facilitate processes: For instance, in the case of the conventional, non-refrigerated presentation of fruit, it is typically necessary to transfer the fruit to cold rooms overnight. By employing glazed cold rooms directly on the sales area, this step is eliminated altogether.

Glazed cold rooms are ideal for storing perishable foodstuffs directly on the sales area, especially fruit, vegetables, beverages, flowers and dairy products.

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High energy efficiency

The enclosed design and the insulating glazing reduce the required refrigeration capacity. This helps to protect the environment and minimise your energy costs.

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Individual and impressive presentation of goods

Glazed cold rooms provide your products with an impressive setting and can have a bespoke design. Through the use of cutting-edge lighting solutions, goods are presented in their best light.

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Avoidance of time-consuming storage/retrieval

Fruit products, in particular, which are constantly refrigerated on the sales area, do not have to be stored overnight and retrieved the following morning. This saves valuable working time for your staff.

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Goods stay fresh for longer

Constant refrigeration ensures the utmost level of food safety and keeps fruit in particular fresh for longer. This reduces food waste, leading to a decrease in the quantity of unsaleable goods.


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Diverse design options

To achieve optimal product visibility, we employ a post-and-beam construction featuring a steel or wooden substructure (tailored to the specific requirements of our customers). When it comes to the colour, there are no limits to your ideas and those of our planners.

The insulating glazing ensures maximum transparency and the greatest level of energy efficiency. Moreover, various temperature ranges can also be achieved within a glazed cold room.

Our innovative lighting systems further guarantee the exceptional presentation of your products.

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Attractive extras
for your glazed cold room

We will gladly develop your ready-to-use glazed cold room, including a shelving system, individual removal windows, doors and lighting system. The glazed cold rooms can be seamlessly embedded and are available with innovative KRAMER FastIn® flooring.

Our glazed cold rooms are offered as bespoke solutions or as particularly cost-effective options with standardised grid dimensions.

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Good reasons to choose KRAMER cold rooms

This is why trade and industry place their trust in KRAMER cold rooms

For more than 95 years, we have been providing refrigeration solutions for the trade, industry and catering sector. We deliver projects of any size: From compact curing chambers and the provision of glazed cold rooms for food retailers to the comprehensive outfitting of vast deep-freeze warehouses.

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Maximum energy efficiency

Protecting valuable resources is a top priority at KRAMER. We therefore develop refrigeration solutions that offer maximum energy efficiency and ensure minimum operating costs along the way.

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Tried and tested solutions

KRAMER solutions meet all the legal and regulatory requirements that apply to food safety and hygiene. They are sustainable, reliable, food-safe, ergonomic and enable efficient processes.

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Individual, turnkey solutions

The best refrigeration solutions fit seamlessly into existing operational processes. We therefore work closely with you to develop bespoke refrigeration plants that suit all your requirements.

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Available Europe wide

We are able to install our solutions throughout Europe. Through remote maintenance, service centres and local partners, we ensure seamless operation of your refrigeration plants at all times.

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More than 95 years of experience for perfect refrigeration

Efficient refrigeration solutions from KRAMER.

For more than 95 years, we have been securing valuable resources with our refrigeration solutions. Our wide range of systems is utilised wherever goods need to be refrigerated reliably and hygienically.

KRAMER solutions for trade and industry meet the highest standards of energy efficiency, food safety, efficient work processes, ergonomics and environmental protection. Our expertise is available to companies of all sizes across Europe. Our specialists have already delivered solutions of all shapes and sizes, from small curing chambers to vast deep-freeze warehouses.

Many of our customers take full advantage of our expertise and entrust us with the execution of their turnkey projects. They are brought to life with the help of our in-house planning department and workshops for electrical and refrigeration services. Through our network of specialised production companies and service partners, we can develop and manufacture even the most complex solutions to meet all your specific needs.

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