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Individual presentation and refrigeration solutions

Counters: Innovative refrigeration, ergonomic operation and unique design

KRAMER only employs leading refrigeration technologies for counter construction. Be it forced-air or differential refrigeration – instantaneous control of the refrigeration capacity protects your valuable goods and helps maintain their freshness. Ergonomically optimised conditions facilitate handling, improve the customer’s view of the products, thereby ensuring maximum turnover.


Uniform refrigeration

KRAMER counters employ gentle and durable refrigeration technology, featuring expansive evaporators that deliver comprehensive and uniform refrigeration, along with optimal humidity levels inside your counter.

Pfeile zeigen auf einen Punkt in der Mitte

Your goods in focus

The option for elevated presentation really makes the goods “stand out” in the truest sense of the word. This effectively places your products within a customer’s field of vision.

Hand hält ein Zahnrad, welches ein Häkchen enthält

Ergonomic and easy to maintain

The elevated presentation guarantees a comfortable access height. Easy accessibility, minimised corners, edges and grooves as well as an easy-lift evaporator make cleaning child’s play.

Ein Siegel mit einem Haken in der Mitte

High quality and customisation

Our in-house production ensures the highest standards of processing and material quality, offering you maximum investment security. An extensive range of design options ensures a unique design.

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PRIMO®: Bespoke counters

The PRIMO® counter series offers unparalleled levels of customisation among KRAMER counters. It can be tailored down to the smallest details while maintaining optimal functionality and exceptional performance.

Be it diverse glass tops, customised lengths, unique design options, retractable panes or integrated counter scales – blend premium materials and innovative features to create the perfect counter. Needless to say, it is also extremely user friendly and ergonomic.

Thanks to the flex-glass top, you can transition quickly between staffed service and self service. The proven KRAMER technology is extremely efficient and guarantees greater product preservation over a long period of time.

Theke Kyla

KYLA®: Sleek design

The KYLA® counter series captivates with its sleek design, premium materials and a harmonious balance between price and performance.

The KYLA® counter series is intended for the demands of large-scale retail and foodstuffs trading environments. The standardised design enables rapid implementation.

A further highlight: Despite its standardised design, the hook-in counter fronts facilitate swift and effortless transformations, allowing for a distinctive facelift.


Alouette®: The floating counter

The Alouette® has been designed to put your goods centre stage.

The minimalist design visually reduces the refrigeration unit to a minimum. The result: The refrigerated counter is less imposing and invites customers to step up, take a closer look and shop.

The recessed feet make it look as though the counter is “floating” in mid-air. The reduced design also ensures that the Alouette® fits seamlessly into a diverse range of shop designs.

Theke Flexline

FLEXLINE®: Extensive range of options

Our flexline® counter series is a true modular counter system: The countless modules can be flexibly recombined at any time, yielding exceptional results.

Adapt the counter to the desired presentation of goods. Transition between staff service and self service elements, between hot and cold and between breakfast and after-work offerings.

Adapting to business based on the current time of day in the smallest possible spaces has thus never been this quick and easy.

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Simply write to us or give us a call. Together we will find the solutions to your individual challenge.

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Kühltheke für Fisch

Energy efficient refrigeration technology for optimal product preservation

All KRAMER counters are available with varying refrigeration technology. We are delighted to provide comprehensive advice and support regarding product preservation, energy efficiency and profitability.

  • Forced-air refrigeration: An evaporator in the floor pan draws in warm air and releases cold air. The air then guided over the food on display.
  • Differential refrigeration: This involves the air being cooled by an evaporator and set in motion. Seeing as cold air sinks, it cools the goods on display.
Integrierte Thekenwaage

Integrated counter scales

Our integrated counter scales (K-Flex scales) blend aesthetically into the overall appearance of your counter. Further, the scales facilitate counter access for staff.

Besides being space saving, this design also enables barrier-free contact between customers and staff. This enhances customer confidence and, in turn, the potential for extra sales through recommendations provided by your specialists.


Glass tops

Depending on the design, the products being sold and the staff service or self service counter, various glass tops are available for your counter.

We offer you a wide range of choices to choose from: Be it a vertical glass top with supports, a self service top or an inclined or sliding glass top without supports for versatile applications – we work with you to create the perfect counter solution.

Good reasons to choose KRAMER shopfitting concepts

This is why the trade and catering sector place their trust in KRAMER

Ganzheitliche Konzepte

Comprehensive concepts

With more than 95 years of experience, we are familiar with the requirements of the food sector. From choice of location, aesthetics and functionality to customer experience and sustainability, we consider all the critical factors involved.

Handwerker passt Werkstück individuell an einer Werkbank an

Individual solutions

With KRAMER solutions, you make an impression that lasts. Our shopfitting concepts ensure a customer experience that is loyal to your brand, delightful and modern. This puts your customers in the mood for shopping and keeps them coming back.


Efficient processes

A modern shopfitting concept is not only fun for your customers, it also ensures smooth processes. This facilitates organisational performance and cuts operating costs.


Everything from a single source

We bring your KRAMER shopfitting solutions to life together with you, from the initial idea to the final screw. Your personal contact is always by your side, tirelessly coordinating all the planning, design, construction and installation specialists on your behalf.

Metzgertheke und Käsetheke in LEH

More than 95 years of solutions for the trade and catering sector

Inventive KRAMER shopfitting solutions

For more than 95 years, we have been securing valuable resources with our shopfitting solutions. Our wide range of products for the trade and catering sector is used wherever outstanding solutions are required.

KRAMER solutions meet the highest standards of energy efficiency, food safety, efficient work processes, ergonomics and environmental protection. Our expertise is available to companies of all sizes across Europe. Our experts have already delivered solutions of all shapes and sizes, from small store to huge shopping centres.

Many customers take full advantage of our expertise and entrust us and our network with the execution of their turnkey projects. We bring these projects to life with the help of our planning department and our own production facilities, from the initial idea to the final handover. Through our network of specialised production companies and service partners, we can develop and manufacture even the most complex solutions to meet all your specific needs.

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