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Our bespoke noise insulation solutions help effectively reduce noise pollution to its absolute minimum. We create a concept that is tailored to fit your needs.


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Tried and tested components

Bespoke insulation

More than 95 years of experience

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Professional insulation solutions

Professional noise insulation
for reducing noise pollution.

KRAMER industrial noise insulation systems reduce noise pollution to a minimum. From acoustic enclosures for complete plant coverage to discreet room acoustic elements that promote a delightful conversational ambiance, our extensive range of systems caters to diverse acoustic demands.

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Tried and tested insulation systems and components

We utilise tried and tested insulation systems and components. They have already demonstrated exceptional performance and met the most rigorous standards and demands.

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Support in every phase of the project

Projects often encounter unforeseen challenges along the way. We provide you with expert guidance and support throughout the entire process, from the initial concept to successful commissioning.

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Individual solutions

When developing customised solutions, we integrate tried and tested components with certified processes according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 and SCC**-VAZ 2021, guaranteeing optimal insulation.


Fast response times

Our experts have extensive experience and a high level of competence. As a rule, this enables them to respond promptly to unforeseen events. Solutions can be developed at short notice in our own production facilities.

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Industrial noise insulation
with acoustic enclosures

Our customised acoustic enclosures provide complete containment for noise-emitting plants. This significantly reduces noise emissions while also safeguarding your systems from environmental impacts.

KRAMER acoustic enclosures are available either as a self-supporting structure or as a modular construction with a supporting structure. Experience our comprehensive support throughout every stage, from acoustic, fluidic and thermodynamic design to installation and commissioning.

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Self-supporting acoustic elements

KRAMER modular acoustic elements are perfect for smaller plants such as compressors, mills, presses, hammers and turbines.

Your plants are therefore effectively protected against environmental impacts. The absorbent insulating core, crafted from mineral wool, guarantees a maximum reduction of noise emissions. Ventilation can be natural or generated by electromechanical means.


Room acoustic elements

Our wall elements and components ensure sustainable optimisation of room acoustics. To do so, we employ fixed wall panels or ceiling canopies.

These elements are designed and manufactured according to specific requirements, finding application in public and commercial buildings.

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Flexible noise insulation and visual protection

For swift and simple indoor visual protection, we offer a convenient solution in the form of a quickly installed screen that requires almost no assembly whatsoever. Permanent solutions, on the other hand, are securely fixed in place using rawplugs and screws. Regardless of the chosen solution, we custom-design your visual protection to precise measurements.

Do you have specific requirements? We are happy to advise you.


Simply write to us or give us a call. Together we will find the solutions to your individual challenge.

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More than 95 years of experience for perfect insulation

The perfect insulation
has no tolerances.

For more than 95 years, we have been securing valuable resources with our insulation solutions.

Our wide range of systems is used wherever extreme conditions prevail: Where there are drastic temperature differences, stressful noise levels or increased fire hazards.

We are aware that our solutions protect people, resources and the environment. That is why we have been developing system solutions and components for the best possible insulation for the industrial sector for almost one hundred years.

With ISO 9001:2015 certification, we ensure that our products and services consistently meet all agreed requirements. With our certification according to SCC**-VAZ 2021, we also meet the highest requirements in the area of safety, health and environmental protection management.

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