Modular building: Unique, fast, durable and distinctive construction

Looking to open a new branch shop or create more office space for your team? Modular buildings combine the advantages of conventional construction with a wide range of additional benefits.



thanks to tried and tested components.

No limits to your creativity
There is not much that we cannot construct – everything from a single source!

Fast & flexible
A modular building can be completed up to 70% faster and moved at any time.

Modular approach to your dream building:
The sky is the limit when it comes to implementing ideas

Modulbau einzelne Ebene von Rendergrafik Modulbau einzelne Ebene von Rendergrafik Modulbau einzelne Ebene von Rendergrafik Modulbau einzelne Ebene von Rendergrafik Modulbau einzelne Ebene von Rendergrafik Modulbau einzelne Ebene von Rendergrafik Modulbau einzelne Ebene von Rendergrafik Modulbau einzelne Ebene von Rendergrafik
100% Pfeile die auf einen Kreis zeigen

Reliability & Durability

Modular units:
Durable & unique construction

The components form the solid base of the model units. They have been tried and tested over the years and found to be extremely reliable and durable. While there are no limits to what you and our designers can come up with in terms of dimensions, shapes and external appearance. The result: A combination of all the best bits from conventional construction and a hugely effective investment and value-adding process.

70% Stoppuhr mit Pfeil

faster construction

Projects brought to life in record time

Modular construction individually combines tried and tested elements. This saves a huge amount of time, especially during the planning stage, and speeds up implementation enormously.
The components are 90% prefabricated in our factory and quickly assembled on site, which remains largely intact and clean with modular construction. Businesses with multiple branch shops, in particular, utilise these advantages to expand quickly.

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Location bound

Modular buildings can be moved with ease

Have you found an interesting location for your branch shop, but only for the foreseeable future? In this case, a conventional building would have to be newly constructed. Modular buildings, on the other hand, are not permanently fixed to the ground and can be easily relocated. And seeing as the site remains cleaner and quieter, you can sit back and relax.

modulbau planung
poolhaus am wasser


Full Service for your success

Buying a building should always provide a positive outcome. This is the reason why experienced clients turn to experienced construction companies – welcome to KRAMER!

Eine Hand hält ein Blatt

Maximum individuality – and sustainability.

Our modular buildings are as individual as your requirements. And sustainability is one of our top priorities. Do you have specific ideas or plans? Welcome to KRAMER!

Geodreieck neben einem Stift

The design experts on your side.

You bring along your ideas and thoughts, our architects provide their extensive experience in shopfitting and interior design. Together we create something truly unique.

alles aus einer hand

Everything from a single source.

Irrespective of whether you need planning permission, shop fittings or help with recruiting staff – KRAMER is the one-stop shop for your project.


Over 95 years in the market.

For almost 100 years, we have been providing innovative resource-saving solutions and gained a reputation as a reliable partner.


The KRAMER promise.

Your trust is important to us. That is why we only use top-quality components that we would not hesitate to use for our own buildings.

made in germany

100% made in Germany.

We believe in protecting resources, securing supply chains and ensuring the highest and safest quality at all times. This is only possible with products 100% Made in Germany.

“We were immediately taken by the fact that you get everything from a single source with KRAMER modular construction! Bruno Tornow coordinated all the communication with the local authorities, which was extremely helpful and a great relief.”

logo baeckerei dietmann

Udo Dietmann
Dietmann bakery

“In these fast-moving times, modular construction is definitely the way to go. KRAMER proved to be a credible and reliable partner. We look forward to doing it all again in the future.”

lgo discher

Andreas Discher
Discher bakery

“Cooperation was efficient, hassle free and a lot of fun. The entire team is extremely professional. We can highly recommend KRAMER modular construction”.

logo laudenbach

Ronny Laudenbach
Laudenbach bakery

“We are delighted with our sales module! The practical fittings make our work so much easier. Our location on an industrial estate is also very handy. Many of our customers work in or deliver goods to the nearby companies and are happy to pay us a call.”

logo roesch

Katrina Rösch
Rösch bakery

“We are completely satisfied with our new modular building. It’s the overall impression that has simply turned out great. Especially the short construction site time convinced us in the end.”

Logo Lemps Genussgarten

Georg Lemp
Gardener’s shop Lemp

“We are absolutely delighted with our KRAMER sales module. The presentation of our goods is awesome thanks to its market character. Our customers love shopping here and our staff enjoy working in the module.”

obsthof heinrich logo

Frank Hammerich
Heinrich seasonal sales

“Together with KRAMER, we created a WC facility like no other in Germany; very luxurious and designed to illustrate the welcoming culture of the Upper Black Forest and the people of the Titisee region. Cooperation was outstanding and straightforward. We look forward to working on further projects in the future.”

logo hochschwarzwald

Thorsten Rudolph
Hochschwarzwald Tourismus GmbH

“KRAMER modular construction – an innovative, sustainable construction method with fast on-site completion that fully suited us and met all our expectations.”

logo feldberger hof

Thomas Banhardt
Hotel Feldberger Hof

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Project development

Do you already have a piece of land? Have you obtained all the permits and approvals? If you want, we can assist with everything from finding the right piece of land, through the planning stages to obtaining permits and approvals and securing financing.

Zwei Pfeile drehen sich um einen Kreis

Once the project has been given the go ahead, our experts prefabricate your modular construction at our facility. All the units are fully checked and tested prior to delivery.

Zwei ineinander verschachtelte Quadrate
Interior fittings

The interior fittings are also completed at our facility. Meaning the building is immediately ready for use after installation. The only task that remains is to connect the interfaces on site.

Zwei sich überschneidende Pfeile
Transport to your location & finish

The modules are transported to your construction site by low-loader and crane. Besides ensuring perfect final placement and fitting, our experts also connect all the necessary cables if so desired.

Häckchen im Kreis
Key Handover

The time has come! All the units are fully checked and tested together with you using detailed checklists. We are only 100% satisfied when you are too.

WC-Anlage aussenansicht in Titiseee

Bespoke construction

Say goodbye to the same old thing: We thrive on unusual and unconventional ideas.

Is your idea too special to be implemented as a modular construction? – If you want, we can prove that this is not the case!

In modular construction, we combine tried and tested building elements to create unique masterpieces. As such, there are basically no limits to the sectors and applications we cover.

Be it office or summer house – there is practically nothing that cannot be achieved with our modules.


Go to bespoke construction

Your questions – our answers

Do you have any more questions about opening new branch shops with KRAMER?


Simply write to us or give us a call. Together we will find the solutions to your individual challenge.

Modular buildings offer many advantages:
– Short construction period
– Cost certainty
– Cleaner and quieter construction sites
– Sustainable construction method
– Easy to extend and move

Our modular buildings are just as robust as conventional ones.

Our sustainable construction methods are not only reflected in the materials used, but also in the durability of the actual buildings. Our modular buildings last just as long as conventional ones.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to give a one-fits-all answer to this question, as the range of design options is extremely individual. In terms of quality and investment, our construction method can be equated with conventional construction.

It is relatively simple to move a modular building. The modules have to be disconnected and then moved to their new location by truck.

Yes. We will be more than happy to help with organising permits and approvals.

Modular buildings meet the highest requirements in terms of energy efficiency. Compliance with all applicable building regulations and quality standards is ensured with modular buildings.

THE FIRST STEP to your module:

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Bruno Tornow

Bruno Tornow specialises in planning and developing modular buildings. He has successfully accompanied more than 50 projects.