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Nowadays customers increasingly want to shop wherever and whenever they want. The KRAMER sales modules make this possible and secure sales opportunities, even at the smallest of locations – and completely without staff!


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Over 95 years in the market

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With compact sales modules exploit sales opportunities without staff.

Buying behaviour has changed fundamentally in recent years. Most people have given up the big weekly shop with consumers now buying smaller quantities several times a day. The ideal opportunity for clever business owners!

The big challenge: Staff costs.

The KRAMER mobile sales modules allow you to get the better of staff shortages and costs: Your new sales module does not require sales staff to be present all the time. Further, various-sized modules can be installed quickly, are extremely durable and can be moved at any time.

Häckchen im Kreis

Minimum staff costs.

Your mini store only needs to be staffed at specific times: To restock shelves or to clean the branch shop. Shopping is done by the customer in self-service. Your benefits: Minimum staff costs while capturing the full sales potential.


Sales modules can be implemented quickly.

Unlike conventional buildings, our sales modules are constructed “in next to no time” – even when dealing with demanding briefs. The modular construction method reduces planning and production schedules at our facility to a minimum. Meaning you can launch your new location almost right away.

Eine Hand hält ein Blatt

Diverse and durable.

The many details of our sales modules can be adapted to any location and design specifications. This allows you to make full use of the available space and enter the market as a unique brand. All of the components we use have been tried and tested over many years and proven to be extremely durable.

Zwei Pfeile drehen sich um einen Kreis

Flexible relocation: Not location bound.

If a location proves to be less lucrative than thought: No problem. KRAMER sales modules can be moved to a new location with better sales opportunities at any time.


Wanzl Connect: Self-service shops with minimum staff levels

The Wanzl Connect system allows us to bring to life your mini store as a full self-service concept. Customers access the sales area using a customer or bank card and then shop just like in any other supermarket. Items are scanned and paid for at the self-checkout terminals with debit card, credit card or app.

It all works with sophisticated technology. From controlled access and temperature sensors to security cameras. An IT infrastructure works in the background reliably detecting and reporting any strange customer behaviour (medical problems, theft, etc.) as well as failures and malfunctions.

Due to the reduced space requirements and the low staff levels, shops can be operated profitably even in out-of-town areas and on very small pieces of land. You can therefore offer customers a much appreciated and unique shopping experience, especially in residential areas.

Daumen nach oben

Your profitable mini store.

The self-service approach means your mini store only has to be staffed for restocking shelves and cleaning. The result: Minimum staff costs with maximum sales opportunities.

Zwei Pfeile drehen sich um einen Kreis

Everything under control thanks to ingenious systems.

Even when you or your staff are not in the shop: The many sensors, cameras and IT infrastructure let you know if something is malfunctioning or customers are behaving strangely.

4 Pfeile, die in entgegengesetzte Richtungen zeigen

Ideal for expansion: Your mini store chain.

Due to the minimum staff requirements at each branch shop, the concept is ideal for setting up several branch shops. This is because just one member of staff can look after several branch shops, visit them daily, replenish items and generally keep an eye on things.

alles aus einer hand

Including all the advantages of modular construction.

As standard, we will construct your mini store with maximum creative control, tried and tested, durable components in a modular construction that can be relocated at any time for maximum investment protection.

The better choice: KRAMER sales modules

That is why businesses choose to use KRAMER sales modules


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Everything is possible.

With KRAMER sales modules, you benefit from tried and tested components that allow us to deliver unique solutions together. Be it a small kiosk or full-scale 24/7 shop: There is very little that you cannot do with our modules.

Bäckereitheke & Sitzbereich in der Bäckerei Ritter

Fast launch.

Sales modules can usually be implemented within a few weeks. Permits and approvals are also easier and thus often quicker to obtain for reversible buildings.

kramer theke

The A to Z of modular construction.

KRAMER offers full support from start to finish, if you so wish: From finding a suitable location to installing all the connections.

Want to get your business up and running as soon as possible?

Together we will find the solutions to your individual challenge.



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Full service instead of chaos and confusion


Branch shop expansion usually requires more than just interior fittings. Perhaps you are still looking for a suitable building or piece of land. Afterwards, permits and approvals need to be obtained, financing secured and tradespeople organised. In other words: Opening a branch shop is a complex and time-consuming endeavour. This is why many of our customers decided to use KRAMER’s full service package to open their new branch shop as quickly as possible.


4 Pfeile, die in entgegengesetzte Richtungen zeigen


alles aus einer hand

Everything from
a single source


Over 95 years
in the market

Your questions – our answers

Do you have any more questions about your new sales module?


Simply write to us or give us a call. Together we will find the solutions to your individual challenge.

Business owners are usually very busy, so it comes a no surprise that they devote as little time and effort as possible to projects that do not directly focus on the actual business. Our construction method makes it much easier for business owners to construct a new building, since we, as the general contractor, manage the project 100%. The partnership with Wanzl guarantees customers the highest level of expertise in the field of smart stores.

A modular building last just as long as a conventional one.

It is relatively simple to move a modular building. The modules have to be disconnected and then moved to their new location by truck.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to give a one-fits-all answer to this question, as the range of design options is extremely individual. As a rule, however, the price for turnkey projects ranges between 2,400 and 3,600 euros per square metre of floor space.

Converted or fitted containers are basically always a compromise in terms of performance. Our modular buildings meet all the requirements for modern, top-quality and energy-efficient buildings – without compromise.

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Bruno Tornow

Bruno Tornow specialises in planning and developing modular buildings. He has successfully accompanied more than 50 projects.