AIRFROSTER®: The blast freezer for ice packs


The AIRFROSTER® ensures the reliable and sustainable refrigeration of goods on their way to customers.


100% guaranteed cold chain

Simple process integration

Sustainable cold chain

Reliable, simple handling and sustainable refrigeration

The reason why companies place their trust in the AIRFROSTER® system solution


Reliable cold chains

We perform a real test with your ice packs in advance to ensure reliable refrigeration. Moreover, constantly created unit data presents the current status of the AIRFROSTER® at any given time.

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Cost efficient

The AIRFROSTER® guarantees cost-effective operation through precise refrigeration. Further, as no consumables are necessary, there are no additional expenses incurred.

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Customer-oriented process integration

We would be delighted to assist you with process integration, including QM documentation. And should your processes ever change, we will be more than willing to adapt the system accordingly.


Minimum energy demand

The AIRFROSTER® is extremely energy efficient thanks to its central refrigeration, adjustable target temperature and precise refrigeration capabilities.

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Integrated system solution

By choosing the AIRFROSTER®, you are investing in a fitted with plug ready to use system equipped with two independent refrigeration chambers.

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Ergonomic and easy to use

By effortlessly adapting to your ice packs and boasting a solenoid locking trolley, user-friendly operation that demands minimal effort is guaranteed.

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Adaptable and customisable

The system can operate with existing ice packs. A programmable controller allows for the definition of specific programs and simplified operating tasks for your staff.



The AIRFROSTER® achieves remarkable CO2 savings of approximately 90% compared to dry ice, owing to its reusable ice packs, high energy efficiency and elimination of consumables.

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Process qualification without obligation

Testing AIRFROSTER® suitability without obligation

We are happy to assist you with process qualification, including QM documentation, completely free of charge and without any obligation, which can be used for the internal QM.

  • Analysing and calculating the technical parameters – by utilising your specific information, we determine the crucial process parameters for the refrigeration time, optimal number of ice packs per refrigeration chamber, etc.
  • Practical qualification / validation – by utilising our test equipment, we measure real values with your ice packs for example, thereby enabling us to develop optimisation proposals. You receive the complete documentation for your QM.

Upon request, we will provide you with a binding quote based on the data obtained.


Test without obligation

Hardware and service tailored to your processes

The AIRFROSTER® system solution

The AIRFROSTER® is a comprehensive solution for the secure refrigeration of ice packs during the last mile. To meet this objective, we integrate tailored components into a dependable and efficient system designed specifically for your logistics needs.

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Blast freezer

At the heart of the AIRFROSTER® system solution lies the blast freezer, which effectively and efficiently brings the ice packs to the target temperature.

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Ice pack basket

The system incorporates an ice pack basket adapted to the specific dimensions of the ice packs, enabling efficient refrigeration as they are positioned at an optimal distance within the blast freezer.

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Process qualification

Through a well-documented process qualification, you can assess the performance of the AIRFROSTER® in your setup prior to purchasing it. We utilise your ice packs to perform the fundamental real test.

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Programmable controller

The programmable controller allows you to integrate the AIRFROSTER® perfectly into your processes.

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Ice pack basket trolley

The ice pack basket trolley facilitates ergonomic loading and unloading of the AIRFROSTER®, while also minimising physical exertion during ice pack transport.

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Maintenance and full-service support

Upon request, we offer comprehensive maintenance and full-service support for the AIRFROSTER®, which includes remote maintenance. During operation, if desired, you can access the constantly created unit data.

Figures, data, facts

Performance overview

  • High refrigeration capacity in a compact design
  • Fitted with plug ready to use
  • Flexible program design thanks to programmable controller
  • Remote access for maintenance and repair work
  • Adjustable individual end temperature of the ice packs
  • Adaptable to various ice pack geometries
  • Ergonomic working
  • Ice packs can be sorted into portable baskets
  • Dockable transport trolley for ice pack baskets
  • Condensate drainage
  • Process monitoring
  • Uniform ice pack temperature upon removal

Technical data

  • Refrigeration capacity: Up to 1,300 W
  • Refrigerant: R452 a
  • Temperature range: 10 °C to -28 °C
  • Air volume transfer rate: 2,100 m3/h
  • Supply voltage: 230 V (single phase)
  • AIRFROSTER® dimensions W x D x H: 1.70 x 0.99 x 2.23 m
  • Ice pack trolley dimensions W x D x H: 0.73 x 072 x 1.69 m
  • Weight: 500 kg
  • Rated power: 3 kW
  • Max. current consumption: 14 A



  • Linear budget charge within the contract term
  • Simple billing (one invoice per quarter)
  • Automated full-service contract
  • Liquidity scope is retained for important projects in other areas


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Project phases

From first meeting to tailored quote.


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Getting to know each other and your process

Through an exchange of information regarding your process requirements, we calculate an approximate refrigeration time and the maximum number of ice packs per AIRFROSTER®.

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Practical process test with your ice packs

We now proceed to refine the initial calculation by performing a real test, which includes a documented process qualification to meet the demands of your quality management system.

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Preparing a tailored quote

Upon request, we will now provide you with a tailored quote.


Securing cold chains with the AIRFROSTER®.

Lieferservice auf dem Fahrrad mit Essen, Rechts Catering in Krankenhaus

Food delivery services, catering
and in-house supply of food

The well-coordinated overall system ensures efficient processes for food delivery services or for in-house supply operations in hospitals.

Medikamentenbox wird geliefert

Pharmaceutical logistics

The AIRFROSTER® enables the optimal and efficient transportation of medicines requiring different ideal temperatures.

Medizinischer Transport mit Krankenwagen und Box mit gekühlten Medikamenten

Medical transports

The AIRFROSTER® can be used to transport blood and plasma supplies, biological samples and vaccines.

How the AIRFROSTER® system works

Secure the cold chain during the last mile with the AIRFROSTER®.



Preparing the ice packs

Cool the ice packs in the AIRFROSTER®
to the target temperature.

Kühlschrank mit Schneeflocke

Picking goods

Pick the goods together with the ice pack.



Deliver the goods to the customer and take the ice pack and insulated box back with you.

The AIRFROSTER® in use

Application areas of the AIRFROSTER®

Challenge: To ensure the efficacy and safety of medicines during delivery to pharmacies, it is crucial to maintain specific temperature ranges.

Alternatives: Universal refrigeration units do not guarantee uniform refrigeration of the ice packs. Without specific refrigeration programs, the intensity of refrigeration also often varies. In such circumstances, ensuring process integrity requires refrigeration to be performed well below the desired target temperature. However, reliability and energy efficiency cannot be achieved at the same time. The alternative use of dry ice, on the other hand, causes additional procurement and storage costs, while significantly contributing to environmental pollution through the release of CO2.

Solution: The two separate refrigeration chambers of the AIRFROSTER® cool the ice packs to varying target temperatures. This ensures reliability, energy efficiency and thus also lower costs. The ergonomic design enables effortless loading and unloading, thereby minimising physical exertion.

Challenge: To maintain the cold chain all the way to the customer’s front door, foodstuffs must be safely refrigerated during transport.

Alternatives: The use of cool packs is convenient, but creates plastic waste. The experience for customers is also suboptimal as they have to handle, empty and dispose of the cool packs. Ice packs are therefore not a real alternative for companies that claim to work sustainably.

Solution: The reusable ice packs of the AIRFROSTER® system can be immediately brought back by delivery staff or returned as part of a subsequent order (deposit system). The whole process does not create any waste at all.

Challenge: Hospitals and care facilities are subject to particularly stringent food safety standards. To prevent the spread of germs, it is crucial that the food for breakfast and evening meals, which are typically served cold, is maintained at a temperature below 7°C. Given that a considerable amount of time usually lapses between central meal preparation and serving on the ward, proper refrigeration of the prepared meals is essential, particularly during the summer months.

Alternatives: The reliability of commercially available ice packs and refrigerating them in existing cold rooms is compromised by a number of variables (ice packs, cold rooms, temperature in the cold rooms, refrigeration time). Consequently, there is a risk of patients being served meals of substandard quality.

Solution: The AIRFROSTER® system is specifically designed to meet the refrigeration demands of standardised ice packs. As a result, the refrigeration process remains consistent, always adhering to a predetermined duration and intensity level. To provide even further peace of mind, the refrigeration process is constantly monitored. The ideal refrigeration of meals and thus patient safety are, therefore, comprehensively guaranteed. Thanks to the ergonomic design, operation of the system involves a minimum amount of physical exertion.

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