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Discover our planning process, which allows us to jointly create an aesthetically pleasing, functional and highly profitable customer experience.


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How a unique customer experience is created

Inventive shopfitting planning
relies on these factors

For many people shopping is now more than just a way to acquire goods. They want to experience something different, escape from their daily lives and enjoy themselves. Resourceful entrepreneurs therefore orchestrate unique shopping experiences that transport customers into captivating worlds.

An inventive shopfitting concept combines aspects of aesthetics, functionality, customer experience and sustainability, forging into a coherent whole. Such an approach cultivates a harmonious and inviting environment, enticing customers to make purchases while optimising operational efficiency, demonstrating environmental awareness and achieving economic success.

Our planning process takes into account all the relevant aspects, ranging from the location and external impact all the way to conclusion of the purchasing process.

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Aesthetic design

A contemporary, emotional design captivates customers, ignites their desire to make purchases and keeps them coming back. It also allows your business to become a popular brand.

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Practical functionality

Besides looking good, inventive shopfitting concepts also enable optimal processes. Our shopfitting and counter solutions speed up the placement of goods, ensuring swift and efficient processes, also behind the scenes.

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Unique customer experience

A comprehensive shopfitting concept ensures that customers feel at ease, enjoy shopping with you and keep coming back.

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Sustainable solutions

In our experience, the most environmentally friendly shop fittings are those that last the longest. We therefore pay great attention to the use of top quality and durable materials from the initial idea to the final screw.

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Planning process: How your shopfitting solution develops

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Step 1: Definition

It is not possible to come up with a unique, highly impressive concept in just half an hour. Hence, we invest ample time during the initial phase, working closely with our skilled interior designers to develop an unparalleled vision.

After an initial, preliminary briefing, we visit contemporary and innovative stores to gather inspiration, thereby scrutinising clever solutions and cultivating initial ideas together with you.

Next, we proceed to the workshop, where we sketch out the initial rough solutions with your help. Besides providing an appealing design, we place significant emphasis on establishing efficient processes for future operations right from the outset.

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Step 2: Creation

Equipped with a rough idea and outline, it is now time for the creating phase. Firstly, we work together on developing a timeless look and feel that matches your brand.

This is followed by creating a furnishing plan. Together, it guarantees an instinctive and strategical approach to the arrangement of your shop. The result: Customers feel at ease, can effortlessly navigate the surroundings and purchase more items as a result. Further, the work processes are as efficient as can be.

Now it is all about the small details: The furniture is sketched out, materials selected and the graphic elements developed. You will be accompanied and supported through all these steps by your personal advisor.

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Step 3: Development

Our interior designers now have everything they need to draw up their final plans from the preliminary sketches.

The block plan is now transformed into a detailed furniture plan. Furthermore, multiple perspectives of the sketched shop fittings are visualised, allowing for a comprehensive evaluation of the future appearance.

Our experts pay special attention when choosing an appealing lighting concept and furnishings that tie in with the overall design.

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Step 4: Execution

Now it is time for our technical planners and shopfitting technicians to execute the developed plans.

Shopfitting elements are designed and the furniture is produced. Only high quality materials are ever used. All the elements are then custom assembled to your requirements. Handover occurs during a thorough and collaborative inspection of all the elements.

Following a briefing session, you can proceed to launch and operate your new shop.

Good reasons to choose KRAMER shopfitting concepts

This is why the trade and catering sector place their trust in KRAMER

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Comprehensive concepts

With more than 95 years of experience, we are familiar with the requirements of the food sector. From choice of location, aesthetics and functionality to customer experience and sustainability, we consider all the critical factors involved.

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Individual solutions

With KRAMER solutions, you make an impression that lasts. Our shopfitting concepts ensure a customer experience that is loyal to your brand, delightful and modern. This puts your customers in the mood for shopping and keeps them coming back.


Efficient processes

A modern shopfitting concept is not only fun for your customers, it also ensures smooth processes. This facilitates organisational performance and cuts operating costs.


Everything from a single source

We bring your KRAMER shopfitting solutions to life together with you, from the initial idea to the final screw. Your personal contact is always by your side, tirelessly coordinating all the planning, design, construction and installation specialists on your behalf.

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More than 95 years of solutions for the trade and catering sector

Inventive KRAMER shopfitting solutions

For more than 95 years, we have been securing valuable resources with our shopfitting solutions. Our wide range of products for the trade and catering sector is used wherever outstanding solutions are required.

KRAMER solutions meet the highest standards of energy efficiency, food safety, efficient work processes, ergonomics and environmental protection. Our expertise is available to companies of all sizes across Europe. Our experts have already delivered solutions of all shapes and sizes, from small store to huge shopping centres.

Many customers take full advantage of our expertise and entrust us and our network with the execution of their turnkey projects. We bring these projects to life with the help of our planning department and our own production facilities, from the initial idea to the final handover. Through our network of specialised production companies and service partners, we can develop and manufacture even the most complex solutions to meet all your specific needs.

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