The Cellux system: Cooling with the power of the sun


Globally, 1.3 billion tonnes of all food produced for human consumption is lost every year. By employing mains-independent refrigeration, we effectively prevent food waste and help protect the environment.


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Cellux Fontal

Keeps values

Mains-independent refrigeration

Less food waste

Sustainable solution

Cellux geöffnet mit Lebensmitteln

Refrigeration solution with solar energy

Mains-independent refrigeration of food at high temperatures

A large part of the food produced each year goes rotten during storage. Africa alone loses more than $4 billion worth of food every year due to post-harvest losses. This could be used to feed more than 48 million people, thus helping to prevent hunger.

In developing and emerging countries, food is still frequently stored in traditional barns made of straw and hay. As a result, the crop becomes susceptible to infestations from insects and rodents as well as spoilage caused by rain or high temperatures.

Our mains-independent refrigeration systems keep food refrigerated and reliably and safely separated from harmful environmental influences of all kinds. Further, these self-sufficient systems are easy to install and require minimal maintenance.

Eine Hand hält ein Blatt

Protection against animals and moisture

Our cold rooms act as a reliable barrier to the environment. Insects, rodents and moisture are kept out and food is reliably protected.

Kühlbox für Lebensmittel

Longer shelf-life thanks to refrigeration

Refrigeration ensures that food usually stays fresh for longer. This also means that if remains edible and saleable for longer.


Mains-independent refrigeration

In many developing and emerging countries, power supplies are somewhat unreliable. By utilising locally generated solar power, products can be reliably and efficiently refrigerated.

Schild mit einem Häkchen

Protecting people and the environment

By minimising food waste, we not only address hunger but also reduce the environmentally detrimental aspects associated with excessive food production, bringing it down to a necessary and sustainable level.


Zwei Geldstücke schweben über einer Hand

Higher incomes for farmers

Through access to improved storage and thus higher quality crops, farmers can achieve higher incomes over a longer period of time.

Zwei Hände halten einen Diamanten hoch

A catalyst for sustainable development

A reliable food supply fosters economic development within entire regions, allowing for opportunities such as children attending school instead of engaging in labour. Our solution therefore serves as a catalyst for sustainable development.

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Schaubild Cellux Funktionsweise

Solar Panels

generate electricity. They can be installed either on a roof or on a free-standing support structure. Solar batteries store the energy generated by the solar panels.


The solar batteries

constantly supply the refrigeration unit with energy. The batteries effectively absorb voltage spikes occurring during power generation. Further, the batteries guarantee reliable operation of the refrigeration cell even in poor weather conditions.


The refrigeration unit

keeps the temperature in the cell constantly at a selected temperature between 6 and 10 °C.


The refrigeration cell

can be integrated into existing buildings or enclosed separately. The refrigeration cell is shipped in individual parts and assembled on site. The modular system can be assembled with ease.

Aufbau Cellux

Compact transport and fast installation

Solar refrigeration as a modular system

Cellux is shipped disassembled and requires assembly before use. All the individual parts remain fully protected and transport is as compact as possible.

At the installation site, the refrigeration cell is assembled using the enclosed, user-friendly instructions. The number of required for tools has been reduced to a minimum.

Installation and connection of the cell can be performed by trained personnel on site.

Do you have specific requirements? We are happy to advise you.


Simply write to us or give us a call. Together we will find the solutions to your individual challenge.

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Isometrische Darstellung von Cellux Container mit 28 Kubikmeter Volumen

CELLUX S: 28 m³ storage capacity

Our entry-level solution is ideally suited for small-scale farms and designed for a maximum outdoor temperature of 55 °C.

In the standard version, the included 229 Ah battery enables the refrigeration cell to maintain the ideal temperature for up to 8 hours; optionally the capacity can be upgraded to 460 Ah, allowing for a full 24 hours.

The refrigeration plant uses ozone-friendly R134A refrigerant and the required solar panels are included.

Isometrische Darstellung von Cellux Container mit 43 Kubikmeter Volumen

CELLUX L: 43 m³ storage capacity

The storage capacity of our large solution is roughly 50% bigger. In the standard version, it already achieves twice the solar electricity production compared to Cellux S.

Upgrades to 1375 Ah enable reliable refrigeration even in prolonged, less-than-favourable weather conditions.

This refrigeration plant also uses ozone-friendly R134A refrigerant and the required solar panels are included.

Kühlhalle mit Arbeitern

More than 95 years of experience for perfect refrigeration

Efficient refrigeration solutions from KRAMER.

For more than 95 years, we have been securing valuable resources with our refrigeration solutions. Our wide range of systems is utilised wherever goods need to be refrigerated reliably and hygienically.

KRAMER solutions for trade and industry meet the highest standards of energy efficiency, food safety, efficient work processes, ergonomics and environmental protection. Our expertise is available to companies of all sizes across Europe. Our specialists have already delivered solutions of all shapes and sizes, from small curing chambers to vast deep-freeze warehouses.

Many of our customers take full advantage of our expertise and entrust us with the execution of their turnkey projects. They are brought to life with the help of our in-house planning department and workshops for electrical and refrigeration services. Through our network of specialised production companies and service partners, we can develop and manufacture even the most complex solutions to meet all your specific needs.

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