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Gebäude der Gärtnerei Lemp

The nursery Gärtnerei Lemp is another project that was successfully implemented hand in hand by KRAMER modular construction and KRAMER shopfitting. The building project consists of a total of five flexible modules. Subsequently, a board stack ceiling with a circumferential overhang was covered on the modules to create a roof overhang, which at the same time serves as an arcade and is used as access to the holiday flats. For a special structural feature of this project is the merging transition between conventional construction and modular construction. A local carpentry firm built the first floor with 3 holiday flats and the attic. A future-oriented method with a time-saving factor.

The floristry area with glass cold storage room and the café area including guest room, counter area, kitchen as well as work preparation with cold storage rooms for fruit, vegetables and flowers are located on a total of 270m².

The freshness of the natural cultivation of flowers and various types of fruit and vegetables was transferred to the guest area. In a relaxed and cosy atmosphere, the garden café combines nature with delicious cakes and fresh pastries. The café’s furnishings were taken over from a local café and can thus still be used.

"We are completely satisfied with our new modular building. It's the overall impression that has simply turned out great. Especially the short construction site time convinced us in the end."
Logo Lemps Genussgarten

Georg Lemp

Lemp's Genussgarten

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270 m²

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Technical room


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Customer WC, staff WC



Integrated glass cold room

Glaskühlraum der Gärtnerei Lemp
Seitenansicht Gärtnerei Lemp
Cafetheke der Gärtnerei Lemp
Reststrandtheke der Gärtnerei Lemp
WC der Gärtnerei Lemp
Eingangsbereich der Gärtnerei Lemp
Verkaufsfläche des Gärtnerei Lemp

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