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Thanks to KRAMER bakery modules, astute bakers bring their dream of a business with multiple branch shops to life.


Maximum Individuality

Everything from a single source

Over 95 years in the market

Clever bakers turn to KRAMER modular construction

KRAMER modular buildings are particularly suitable for bakeries that want to open up new branch shops. With the aid of modular construction branch shops, it is possible to quickly expand to a new location without compromising on quality or enduring lengthy conversion processes. Experience how bespoke branch shops are created using tried and tested, durable and reliable components in record time.


Whatever the idea – we have the expertise

KRAMER utilises tried and tested modules to create unique modular buildings. Working together with our designers and architects, you can create your branch shop and bring your dream to life.

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Working with the shopfitting experts

With a KRAMER modular construction, you benefit from over 50 years of shopfitting experience. Everything we have developed is durable and modern, and has proven itself many times over in day-to-day use.

Bäckereitheke & Sitzbereich in der Bäckerei Ritter

70% faster construction of branch shops

Time is often in short supply for those with high aims. So, it is quite handy that modular buildings from KRAMER can be constructed 70% faster than conventional ones. It really is the fastest way to make your dream building come true.

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Hassle free – everything from a single source

At KRAMER, a direct contact oversees your project from start to finish. Are permits and approvals missing? Has financing been secured? Is everything going to plan? Your direct contact has your project under control at all times.

Do you have an idea? Let us talk about it.

Together we will find the solutions to your individual challenge.

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High-quality, limitless expansion with minimum risks

4 Pfeile, die in entgegengesetzte Richtungen zeigen

Maximum outreach.

Are your bakery products very popular? Modular buildings allow you to pick a prime location with excellent transport links, thereby actively reaching out to as many customers as possible.

Umriss von Deutschland mit einem Häckchen in der Mitte

Location? Flexible.

Modular buildings are not permanently fixed to the ground. So, if a location proves to be less lucrative than thought, simply move the branch shop to a more promising one.

Daumen nach oben

Be your own landlord.

With a modular construction, your branch shop belongs to you. This gives you maximum creative control and the fruits of your labour remain within the business.

Zwei Pfeile drehen sich um einen Kreis

No risk.

Without a long-term lease agreement and being location bound, you minimise your entrepreneurial risk and put your business on a solid financial footing.

startbild Grundriss Bäckerei Basismodul XS Grundriss Bäckerei Basismodul S Grundriss Bäckerei Basismodul M Grundriss Bäckerei Basismodul L Grundriss Bäckerei Basismodul XL

Our smallest module impresses with a covered sales window and space for staff despite its small external dimensions.

Area 19,5 m²


A full-fledged branch with customer area allows you to expand with minimal space requirements.

Area 39 m²


Sales and cosy place for coffee and snacks? With our bakery module M, your customers will feel at home with you.

Area 58,5 m²


Maximum space for customers and staff: with our basic module L, you get a large seating area that invites you to linger.

Area 78 m²


If you are a baker and at the same time a restaurateur, you want to offer your guests something very special – with the module in XL format, you get a bakery with a full kitchen.

Area 97.5 m²

Looking for something a little extra?

Be it a compact street sales module or a spacious café: Discover the diverse range of opportunities for you to set up a profitable branch shop with bakery modules from KRAMER modular construction.

Everything from a single source

KRAMER: Full-service partner for your expansion

Branch shop expansion demands more than just a new building. In addition to a suitable location, countless permits and approvals need to be obtained, furnishings selected and fitted, financing secured and sales staff recruited and hired. And since we have helped a number of bakers open new branch shops, we know exactly what it takes. Further, we have built up a network of partners for comprehensive support – from the initial idea to the first roll sold (and beyond, if necessary).


4 Pfeile, die in entgegengesetzte Richtungen zeigen


alles aus einer hand

Everything from
a single source


Over 95 years
in the market

Ihre Fragen – unsere Antworten

Do you have any more questions about opening new branch shops with KRAMER?


Simply write to us or give us a call. Together we will find the solutions to your individual challenge.

We not only supply the building, but also the complete infrastructure and interior furnishings that a well-run bakery needs. At KRAMER, you receive everything from a single source and from experienced industry experts.

Bakery modules are just as robust as conventionally built bakery branch shops.

A modular building last just as long as a conventional one.

It is relatively simple to move a modular building. The modules have to be disconnected and then moved to their new location by truck.

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Bruno Tornow specialises in planning and developing modular buildings. He has successfully accompanied more than 50 projects.