KRAMER cold room construction was commissioned to convert an existing logistics warehouse for dennree GmbH.
The project included the installation of interior fittings in the cold rooms and façade panels. In total, more than 30,000 m² of insulation panels were employed. Further, a new refrigerated area was added to the existing warehouse. Efficiency at the facility has been enhanced through the implementation of an upstream shipping zone.

An exceptional aspect of this project is the span widths of the ceiling elements, which extend over 13 metres.

Construction took roughly four months.

Regalgänge im Lager von Denree
Kühlraumtür im Denree Lager
Beladezone mit Toren im Kühlraum
Regalgänge im Denree Lager
Kühlraumtür mit Mitarbeiter
Rote Tore in der Beladezone des Kühlraums

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Alexander Butsch and his team are experts in the design and execution of cold room solutions.