KRAMER cold room construction constructed a glazed cold room for cut flowers at the Blumen Schröpf nursery. The special feature of this project, apart from the glazed cold room, is the flower cold room located in the basement. Efficiently addressing the incline below the staircase and seamlessly integrating it with panels posed a real challenge. The project was meticulously executed within the constrained confines of the space directly beneath the ceiling of the respective floor.

Further, our in-house, coated FastIn® flooring was laid and finished. The KRAMER Flat Light LED® was also used to present the glazed cold room in the perfect light.

From initial consultation to conceptualisation and implementation, KRAMER steadfastly stood by my side as a trusted partner. The new glazed cold room in the shop is a real highlight and has become very popular with our customers.
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Nicole Punzmann

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