The Blumen Engler project proves that cold rooms are not just for food. Even in hot summer temperatures, the glazed cold room ensures the freshness of cut flowers, prepared bouquets, small arrangements and various other floral displays. The large windows and minimalist design perfectly complement the flowers, creating the ideal ambiance.

For quite some time, we had been contemplating the idea of having a dedicated air-conditioned space for our cut flowers. Our search was focused on finding a business partner who not only had the capability to bring our plans and investment ideas to fruition but also possessed the expertise to navigate industry-specific nuances and local peculiarities. Needless to say, precise execution in terms of technology and design, adherence to the budget and on-time completion are expected as standard practice. In KRAMER, we found the perfect partner! We would like to express our immense gratitude for the hassle-free process and would be delighted to recommend this super cool team to others.
Logo Blumen Engler

Katrin Engler

Blumen Engler GbR

Blumenkühlbox mt Glasfront
Kühlraum von Innen bei Blumen Engler
Blumenkühlbox mit Glasfront
Kühlraumtür in Blumenkühlbox
Blick in die offene Blumenkühlbox
Blumen in Blumenkühlbox

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