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In addition to the designated fruit cold room, flower cold room and preparation room, KRAMER cold room construction also completed the construction of two glazed cold rooms.

One of the glazed cold rooms measures 72 m² in size and is used to keep beverages cold. The removal windows, equipped with shelving and price labels behind the removal doors, allow for direct access to chilled beverages, or alternatively, customers can enter the cold room through the automatic sliding glass door. The outer black panels blend harmoniously into the overall appearance of the market. The interior panels are kept elegantly simple in a pristine white.

A real highlight is the roughly 54 m² wine climate room/wine cold room, affectionately referred to as “Kohler’s treasure chamber”. The cold room features glass panels on two or three sides, including a convenient automatic sliding glass door. The panels are completely black both on the inside and outside, emphasising the products’ superior quality through a modern and minimalist design.

Roughly 460 m² of panels were required to complete the project.

Getränkebereich von Innen
Kühlregale im Edeka Kohler
Kühlregale und Getränkebereich
Getränkeregale im Edeka Kohler
Bereich für gekühlte Getränke

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