Freiburg’s cult café shines in a new splendour.
To preserve the cherished charm and the beloved atmosphere, the colours used for many years were retained and familiar furnishing details were painstakingly restored. For example, the antique display case dating back to 1910, which exudes a captivating aura within the space, was refurbished with great attention to detail and outstanding craftsmanship in KRAMER’s carpentry workshop and then integrated into the new shop.
Expansion of the windows resulted in three new large seating areas, that bask in the delightful natural light streaming in from the outside. But it is not just the shop that was refurbished, the work processes and walkways were also taken into account and optimised during the planning phase. The new counter, for example, was installed at a different location in the café.

When refurbishing the café, the two primary objectives were to maintain its original flair, while embracing the necessary modernisation, and to optimise work processes that were previously distributed across two levels. The timeless and high-quality furniture has not been replaced, but rather painstakingly restored and perfectly combined with the new counters in a modern design – and now on just one level. We are delighted with the result.
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