At EDEKA Habig in Bad Orb, a combination of market kitchen and integrated bakery module was realised. The EDEKA market kitchen is an innovative concept. Here, customers receive freshly prepared dishes from changing lunch menus every day. The retail gastronomy in the full-range store is intended to contribute to differentiation, especially from discounters.
The alternation between the warm wood panelling and the black frame offers an impressive play of contrasts. The green seating in the consumption area creates a colourful accent, matching the plants hanging from the ceiling.

In cooperation with KRAMER, we have realised our first own bakery with an attached market kitchen. They took a lot of time for our wishes and ideas and worked out a successful overall concept together. We are very satisfied with the implementation and the quality of the department.
Logo Edeka Habig

Jan Habig

Habig Supermärkte KG

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95 m²



November 2020

Seitenansicht Theke

Typ of counter

Bakery counter & Flexline

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Large snack counter, modern seating area with unusual planting suspended from the ceiling, market kitchen in the pre-checkout area

Blick auf Bäckertheke und Heißtheke
Seitlicher Blick auf Bäckertheke und Heißtheke
Detailaufnahme Schriftzug Habig's Marktküche
Sitzbereich, graue und hellgrüne Bestuhlung
Kassenautomat in Bäckertheke - Kundenseitig
Gastronomiebereich EDEKA Habig

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