The new café branch strikes a chord with customers thanks to its distinctive and invigorating fusion of diverse interior design styles.
The 11-metre long curved counter sets the perfect stage for the daily offerings of freshly baked goods and cakes. Three uniquely designed seating areas provide ample opportunities for guests to enjoy and unwind.

Our shop has evolved into a stunning embodiment of our vision. The construction was carried out well and quickly. We received exceptional customer service throughout, and we were delighted with the price-to-performance ratio.
Logo Cafe Lutz

Florian Lutz

Café Lutz

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131,5 m²



May 2017

Seitenansicht Theke

Typ of counter

Bakery counter

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25 seats, 20 seats half-height, 10 seats lounge



Modern design elements, receipt station integrated in counter section, oven integrated in rear wall - fresh bread smell in the shop

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Sitzgelegenheiten in Blau und Gelb
Details im Innenraum

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