The new branch of Bäckerei Möbius is located in the pre-cashier zone of EDEKA Jäckel in Dresden. The aim of the planning was to put the baked goods in the sales area in the foreground and to make the seating area as attractive as possible for customers despite  having little direct light, so that they are literally “drawn in”. The counter was integrated into the existing architecture of the market in such a way that customers can see the baked goods, but the counter presentation is not blown up. Individual wallpaper and tiles in shades of green, combined with warm but restrained lighting, give the seating area a cosy atmosphere. The highlight in the seating area is a tree made of real, individual bread sliders in the centre, which is unique in this way.

Our first project with KRAMER is something to be proud of. Right from the start, there was constructive cooperation from the rough draft to the final planning with loving details. The bread slider tree simply invites you to linger and our customers are thrilled. Nothing stands in the way of a new project with the KRAMER team.
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Mathias Möbius

Bäckerei Möbius GmbH & Co. KG

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220 m²



November 2022

Seitenansicht Theke

Type of counter

Bakery counter; glass top is a special construction

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Tree of bread sliders in the centre of the seating area

Bäckertheke Frontalansicht
Bäckertheke in Vorkassenzone
Bäckertheke seitlicher Blick
Sitzbereich mit Sch
Blick auf Sitzbereich und Heißtheke
Sitzbereich und Regal-Element als Raumtrenner

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