Bakery Ritter in Vörstetten

Sitzbereich mit gelben Stühlen der Bäckerei Ritter

The spacious shop impresses with its open and bright design. Through an exhilarating colour combination of light wood, black panelling and vibrant yellow seating furniture, the new bakery branch exudes a distinct flair. The retro-inspired upholstery stands out as a captivating focal point.

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180 m²



November 2016

Seitenansicht Theke

Typ of counter

Bakery counter made of individual modules with intermediate units

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Inside: 62 seats; Outside: 30 seats



Large seating area divided into cosy, differently designed individual areas

Verkaufstheke der Bäckerei Ritter
Theke und Sitzbereich der Bäckerei Ritter
Sitzbereich mit Holzdetails der Bäckerei Ritter
Kuchentheke der Bäckerei Ritter
Lampen im Sitzbereich der Bäckerei Ritter

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