Bakery  Ritter in the Glottertal valley

Verkaufstheke der Bäckerei Ritter

A traditional, yet modern bakery was achieved in the supermarket foyer.
The counter makes a striking impression by seamlessly integrating wood and light mosaic tiles, harmonising perfectly with the overall concept of the supermarket.
A distinct seating area, separated by a room divider, is nestled between the bakery and the neighbouring Linder butcher’s shop, both situated within the supermarket foyer. The wood used, complemented by vibrant orange seat covers, generates a cosy ambiance.

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40 m² sales area, 22 m² seating area



November 2020

Seitenansicht Theke

Typ of counter

Bakery counter OS, pastries, refrigerated trays, refrigerated display case

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Inside: 13 seats; Outside: 16 seats



Wall and counter front clad with combination of hexagon mosaic tiles and oak decor

Thekenfront Baeckerei Ritter
Rechtsaufnahme der Verkaufstheke
Baeckerei Rtter Innenraum
Linksaufnahme Baeckereitheke
Baeckerauslage nahaufnahme

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