This shop represents a shared space with Scherf bakery.
Simple shapes combined with dark colours and light wood hues invite customers to step inside the farm butcher’s shop and enjoy. The brick walls and wooden elements combined with touches of black and the open, airy architecture give the shop a modern industrial character.
In the dining area, customers can soak up the atmosphere and enjoy one of the many dishes on offer!


We are very happy with the result of our shop, especially with the high quality of the furnishings and the individual finish. Our main focus on regionality and organic products is also expressed by this. Despite the difficult pandemic conditions and the associated hurdles, we survived the construction phase very well - thanks to quick reactions and a high degree of flexibility on the part of KRAMER.
Logo der Landhoffleischerei Mörsdorfer

Dirk Bocksch

Butcher's shop Mörsdorfer

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Combination shop; 210 m² in total



June 2022

Seitenansicht Theke

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PRIMO + KRAMER hot counter

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Former car workshop; clinker brick, steel window elements and front cooking, concept combines modern industrial design with regional rural elements

Fleisch- und Wurstwaren in einer Metzgereitheke
Sitzbereich mit Blick auf Metzgereitheke
Sitzbereich mit Tischen und Stühlen
Kombination aus Bäcker- und Metzgereitheke
Metzgereitheke mit Imbissbereich
Imbissausgabe in der Theke

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