Handelshof Rostock is a colossal shopping centre. Spread across roughly 7,000 m², it caters to the diverse needs of customers from the catering, hotel trade and commerce sectors – offering a wide array of food and non-food items.
The shop exudes a modern and inviting atmosphere, despite its immense size, thanks to the stylish ceiling suspensions and the wall panelling crafted from Styrodur in a wood look.
Besides a conventional fixed counter, the fish department also has a compact, mobile fish counter with integrated self-refrigeration capabilities, which can be operated independently anywhere in the shop.

Following the collaborative revamp of our Handelshof cash & carry concept, we are delighted to work harmoniously and productively as teams with KRAMER. For our upcoming shopfitting projects, we have a trusted partner by our side to find optimal solutions for our evolving sales areas and market challenges.
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Claudia Bernecker

Handelshof Rostock

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5.050 m²



June 2020

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Typ of counter

Fish counter PRIMO DB with push-pull cooling system

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Development of the new store design for Handelshof for the concept used throughout Germany. Cash & Carry store in a new building in Rostock PRIMO DB with push-pull cooling system

Kassenbereich im Handelshof Rostock
Regalsreihen im Handelshof Rostock
Tiefkühltruhe und Fleisch im Handelshof Rostock
Regale mit Fond
Obstabteilung im Handelshof Rostock
Non food Abteilung mit Regalen
Fischabteilung mit Absperrung und Tiefkühlregalen
Büroräume im Handelshof Rostock
Verschiedene Regale mit Produkten

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