KRAMER shopfitting furnished the fish department at Handelshof. The entire fish sales area is constructed from stainless steel, providing a clear view into the processing room. This fosters transparency, establishing a sense of trust among customers.
The awe-inspiring mural behind the counter envelops customers in a captivating underwater world.

Following the collaborative revamp of our Handelshof cash & carry concept, we are delighted to work harmoniously and productively as teams with KRAMER. For our upcoming shopfitting projects, we have a trusted partner by our side to find optimal solutions for our evolving sales areas and market challenges.
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Claudia Bernecker

Handelshof Köln

Fischtheke im Handelshof Köln
Fischtheke im Handelshof Köln
Fischtheke von vorne
Fisch auf Eis in einer Kühltheke
Handelshof Köln

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