After 19 years in operation, EDEKA Jakobi was completely refurbished in 2022 – KRAMER Shopfitting supplied the entire counter area for meat, sausage, cheese and fish. It was important that the overall appearance be more modern, but still reminiscent of the past before the renovation.
With great attention to detail, EDEKA Jakobi’s corporate design was also implemented in the counter area. The combination of real wood and black blends harmoniously into the overall image of the market.

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36 m²



August 2022

Seitenansicht Theke

Type of counter

PRIMO with 3 rondelles

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Sausage hangings, ceiling design, real wood materials

Jakobi Käse- und Fleischtheke
Jakobi Fleischtheke Frontansicht
Jakobi Fleischtheke Nahaufnahme
Edeka Jakobi Logo
Jakobi Käse- und Fleischtheke Nahaufnahme

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Julian Woelki

Julian Woelki and his team are experts in the design and execution of inventive shopfitting concepts.