EDEKA Habig in Bad Soden-Salmünster

Fleischtheke im Edeka Habig

The EDEKA supermarket Habig in Bad Soden-Salmünster is a customer-friendly supermarket that exudes a bright and inviting atmosphere reminiscent of a bustling market hall.
The new market hall is a treasure trove of culinary delights, offering a wide array of regional and local products as well as tantalising specialities from around the globe. In particular, the fresh food counters are remarkable with their distinctive design that catches the eye from a distance: The juxtaposition of dark tile façades, mosaic-style counter panelling and premium features like the dry ager and cheese cabinet create a captivating blend of elements.
The bright blue fish counter, adorned with a sail, serves as an attention-grabbing centrepiece.

The market hall is a very special building. Through joint planning, we successfully integrated the preparation room seamlessly into the sales area, making optimal use of the limited space available. The design beautifully embodies the essence of the market hall concept.
Logo Edeka Habig

Jan Habig

Habig Supermärkte KG

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70 m²



March 2018

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Typ of counter

PRIMO DB (fish) inkl. roundel; PRIMO UB (meat/sausages/cheese)

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Cross-selling elements between the counters, special fronts at the counters, preparation in the customer's field of vision

Fischtheke im Edeka Habig
Fischtheke im Edeka Habig
Käse- und Wursttheke im Edeka Habig
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