An innovative and modern concept was created with regional suppliers and partners in this listed riding arena. This close, cross-divisional collaboration is reflected in every aspect of the store and creates an inviting and inspiring shopping environment.

The wooden slats, in combination with the dark design of the background, create a sales-promoting contrast that allows the cheese and sausage range to shine in perfect light. The high ceiling and the unique design of the fruit and vegetable area convey the feeling of a lively weekly market, further emphasising the uniqueness of the hall. The glass rear wall for baked goods ensures maximum transparency and insight into the production and preparation area, while at the same time providing a direct overview of the bread and baked goods range.

We have been using the KRAMER counter for two years now. We can confirm that we have made a good choice! Our employees are very satisfied with it, both technically and visually.

Astrid Weber

Markthalle Achern

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Planning area: 457 m²; shopfitting area: 25 m²



March 2022

Seitenansicht Theke

Type of counter

Primo UB

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None in the direct fresh food area



Wooden slats in combination with a dark design in the background create a sales-promoting contrast, unique design of the fruit and vegetable area creates the feeling of a weekly market

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Julian Woelki

Julian Woelki and his team are experts in the design and execution of inventive shopfitting concepts.