The KYLA counter at Linder butcher’s shop within this supermarket exudes an impressive aura with its sleek design, impeccable quality and expedient service. This makes our KYLA perfect for use in large retail outlets and foodstuff trading. Fast service is guaranteed thanks to the standardised design and, despite its sleekness, KYLA is flexible and variable. As exemplified by the Linder butcher’s shop, refrigeration compartments for beverages can be effortlessly installed. KYLA offers both an area for refrigerating meat, cold cuts and cheese and a gourmet corner where lunch can be kept warm.

Between Linder butcher’s shop and Ritter bakery, which is also located in the supermarket foyer, there is a seating area separated by a room divider. The wood used, complemented by vibrant orange seat covers, generates a cosy ambiance.

We are highly satisfied with KRAMER as a regional partner and skilled craft business, entrusting them with the construction of all our shops.
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Andrea Scheidler

Metzgerei Linder GmbH & Co KG

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