The food court’s sales area accommodates a variety of catering concepts that harmoniously complement the overall concept. For example, there is a snack bar with takeaway options for immediate consumption, a market kitchen, a sushi bar located near the fish counter and a champagne bar nestled next to the wine and spirits department.

The restaurant with a rooftop bar provides customers with a special atmosphere, allowing them to take a break from shopping or to unwind after a long day.

In October 2021, we proudly unveiled the new concept for the GALERIA restaurant at our flagship store, the Weltstadthaus, in Frankfurt. KRAMER successfully supported us with the design, planning and delivery of the shopfittings, transforming our vision into reality and bringing a thriving catering concept to life. A partner who understands us.
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Peter Obeldobel

GALERIA Restaurant GmbH & Co. KG

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Total: 1.225 m² (Indoor: 925 m² / Outdoor: 300 m²)



October 2021

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KRAMER Flexline at the food counters

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Total: 455 (thereof indoor: 282 & outdoor: 173)



New development of the GALERIA restaurant concept with the pilot branch in Frankfurt. Various food counters with different food offers. Terrace with a view of the Frankfurt skyline.

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