Exemplifying the pinnacle of quality and exquisite taste, the shop embodies a distinct Hanseatic design that gracefully blends minimalist elements with undeniable allure.

The traditional refrigerated counter for meat and cold cuts and the snack zone featuring a hot counter, are cleverly separated not only spatially but also visually, emphasised by uniquely designed back walls Colourful accents in the seating area are the icing on the cake.

The impeccable craftsmanship and remarkable durability of the shop left us thoroughly convinced. Furthermore, the inclusion of a highly modern design perfectly aligns with the demands for effortless maintenance and adherence to hygiene regulations. Sometimes, staff are not always as gentle as they could be with the furnishings. But the furnishings and equipment are still in top condition even after three years of use. We are delighted with both the execution and the ongoing support.
Logo der Metzgerei Dehning

Christine Scheid

Ernst Dehning GmbH

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