Vitamin market Staufenhof in Hilzingen

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Vitaminmarkt boasts everything that the KRAMER shopfitting portfolio has to offer. From the cheese counter to the butcher’s and baker’s counter, the restaurant area and a wine corner. The centrepiece of the shopping experience is the magnificent 4-metre-high cheese tower that greets customers as they enter the shop. The 800 m² organic food market prioritises freshness, which is reflected in the warm and genuine materials, such as wood and leather elements. The airy atmosphere and soaring ceilings give customers a sense of being at a vibrant farmer’s market.

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800 m²



October 2020

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Market hall character reinterpreted, development of the complete space concept including the back rooms, regional suppliers in one space, insight into the bakery production, large cheese cooling room with exciting post-and-beam front.

Weinabteilung mit Regalen und dekorativen Weinfässern
Kühlregale im Vitaminmarkt Staufenhof
Fleischtheke im Vitaminmarkt Staufenhof
Nahaufnahme Kartoffeln
Holzregale mit Kartoffeln
Käsetheke im Vitaminmarkt Staufenhof

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