Traditional butchery presented in an unusual way – The black, curved counter offers space for all kinds of sausages and specialities. Together with the purple wall with golden lettering, it gives the entire butchery area in Galeria Kaufhof an almost futuristic look. The huge silver-coloured head of a bull as wall decoration also catches everyone’s eye and proves that tradition doesn’t have to be boring.

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45 m²



Juni 2017

Seitenansicht Theke

Typ of counter

PRIMO Umluft, Glasaufsatz ohne Stützen

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Clean and straight-lined design, focus on the goods thanks to support-free glass top, recessed counter front

Metzgereitheke mit dunkler Verkleidung
Bemalte Wand in der Metzgerei Nothwang
Metzgereitheke von der Seite
Metzgereitheke der Metzgerei Nothwang

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Julian Woelki

Julian Woelki and his team are experts in the design and execution of inventive shopfitting concepts.