Optimal use of the compact 25 m² sales room.

In the new basement extension, the integration of space-saving technology and a bespoke shop design created additional space for urgently needed production and preparation rooms, as well as the much-needed enlargement of the sales area. Implementation posed a few challenges in terms of meeting the technical requirements of equipment drainage in both the shop and preparation room, given their lower positioning in relation to the local sewage pipe.

The wooden wall panelling and the large-format floor tiles in the shop create a warm ambience, which has been kept timelessly modern by the use of dark elements. By incorporating design elements and carefully planning the lighting within the glulam ceiling, the basement shop fosters a welcoming and expansive atmosphere.

The bespoke design of the KRAMER PRIMO refrigerated counter offers a solution for equipping even the most challenging-to-access shops. For example, the refrigerated counter was manufactured in three parts ready for on-site assembly and the glass top was delivered separately.

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Butcher's shop Huonker

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