At the Dammer bakery, we implemented a comprehensive renovation and expansion project, ensuring a complete transformation of the shop space.
The centrepiece is the angled bakery counter with a refrigerated display case for cakes. Instead of a bag rack, a round bar was mounted on the panels to which sliding children’s steps made of solid wood are attached. A large mural in the seating area and comfy furniture encourage the guests to relax and enjoy.
Vibrant magenta highlights and a captivating counter wall design create a striking focal point that captures the attention of customers.

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43 m²



May 2020

Seitenansicht Theke

Typ of counter

Pastry counter with sloping display; top with uprights and cake display case with pull-out shelf

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The colour concept of the interior was developed based on the corporate identity of the bakery

Innenasicht Kassenbereich Dammer
Gastbereich der Baeckerei Dammer
Innenansicht Baeckerei Dammer
Grosse Auslage der Baeckerei Dammer

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